When you buy a Volkswagen, you know you are getting so much more than just a car, and, because no one knows your Volkswagen better than we do, you will always get service and parts of the highest international standard. So make sure you give your Volkswagen the love it deserves and ensure it runs exactly as it should.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts®.

Precision-engineering you can rely on.

To ensure the highest possible quality, every part made at Volkswagen’s world-class facilities is subjected to hours of rigorous testing as well as endless research and development. Why? Because at Volkswagen, the safety and satisfaction of our customers come first.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are all backed by a 12-month Warranty. They are designed during vehicle development and are therefore matched optimally to each and every model. German engineering and technical expertise ensure that they are reliable and will work as they are meant to, giving you years of hassle-free motoring and a higher resale value when you do decide to trade your vehicle in.

So next time you need a part for your vehicle, get down to your Volkswagen Dealer and make sure you ask for Volkswagen Genuine Parts®. Then sit back and relax, secure in the knowledge that they are made by the engineers who made your car and fitted by the factory-trained, Volkswagen-certified professionals who are familiar with your car.


  • Volkswagen Quality.
    Engineered at the same high quality standards as the component used to manufacture your Volkswagen.
  • Maintenance Free.
    And an impressively long service life with a one year warranty.


  • Keeps you Safe.
    Thanks to tested abilities to shorten braking distances.
  • Custom-fit.
    Developed for your Volkswagen and matched to its weight, performance and top speed.
  • Better endurance and long lasting.
    Confirmed in extensive practical tests over 500,000 km in all weather conditions.

Glass, Light and Visibility

  • Built by Volkswagen for Volkswagen.
    Genuine windscreens are produced according to our manufacturer specifications and vehicle types
  • More comfort.
    Protects against noise, shields from the sun and keeps the interior cooler in summer.
  • Vehicle specific.
    Designed to incorporate the technology of your Volkswagen e.g. rain sensors

Engine & Gearbox

  • Perfectly matched to your Volkswagen.
    Engineered specifically to Volkswagen engine types and vehicle models.
  • Extremely tough.
    Genuine timing belts are made of high-strength synthetic and glass fibers, they have a wear-resistant coating and can withstand the rigors of tough, frequent usage under a wide range of conditions.

Volkswagen Economy Parts.

Quality and affordability.

Economy Parts are the affordable addition to the current range of parts that maintain Volkswagen’s quality standard. They have been specifically designed for Volkswagens that are four years or older. The outstanding quality of Economy Parts is ensured, due to an intensive and rigorous development and testing programme done exclusively by our engineers that meets international standards. This ensures that every Economy Part that comes out of our factory conforms to Volkswagen’s utmost quality standards. They are the smart and affordable choice for Volkswagens four years and older.

Keep an eye out for Volkswagen Service Economy Package offers which utilise Economy Parts to ensure you don’t miss out on a true value-for–money servicing deal within your area that has been specifically designed for your four years and older Volkswagen.

How are Economy Parts different to Genuine Parts?

Although more affordable than their counterparts, there is absolutely no compromise in the safety, performance or durability of Economy Parts. These parts have been adapted and designed specifically to increase the performance capabilities of Volkswagens that are four years and older. The price advantage is not a condition of compromised quality, but simply due to the fact that parts applicable to older Volkswagen models are inherently more cost-effective to tailor-make. With Volkswagen Economy Parts, you get uncompromised quality at an excellent price.

Volkswagen Genuine Accessories.

Quality and function down to the smallest detail.

Volkswagen Genuine Accessories are developed, tested and approved ensuring that you get quality and function down to the smallest detail.

Whether you’re looking for comfort, utility or an even more enjoyable and satisfying drive, you’ll find a range of high-quality Volkswagen Genuine Accessories made specifically for your vehicle at your nearest Volkswagen Dealer. Why fit anything else on your Volkswagen?

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